My existence is a mystery.

I know not from whence I came.   Taking breathes which keep me alive.                                                                And I’m in charge of a body full of pre-programed systems.   Mysterious functions that cause me to thrive.            They continue to go ’bout their business of nourishing, maintaining, repairs.         I’d no idea at all what I was doing, when I took that first breath of my life.       See what happens next?

Never certain of an outcome, I feel I’m now on borrowed time.   A great to chance to go seeking the most important questions  to explore.







A Myth is a MYTH is a M Y T H.

It seems to me that I’ve spent my life slowly, waking from a dream.                                                                    Feeling impelled to increasingly, spend my time outside the ‘main stream’.

The eccentric life-style that I choose to live,                                                                                                                 Largely frees me from rule by others.                                                                                                                         I I I I see the puppet-masters behind the screen.                                                                                                          – Corruption under covers.


Just like  Catholicism, Terrorism, Protestantism, Methodism, etc, Vegetarianism and Veganism are belief systems all based on a myth – or at very least – a profound mis-understanding.

While Catholicism, Protestantism and Methodism are founded on the Jesus/God myth, Vegetarianism and Veganism are founded on the mis-understanding that humans do not need to eat meat and will become healthier physically and psychologically more gentle avoiding it’s consumption.

Like all myths the truth of the matter, the actual reality, conflicts with the promise, the dream, the dogma.

In the case of Vegetarianism and Veganism, the reality is that humans have a fundamental nutritional need for vitamin B12, and the deficiency resulting from a lack of this critically important vitamin, is every bit as human well-being as the deficiency of understanding that provoked the Inquisition and Witch burning.

The saying “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” is as true today as it ever was and those Vegatarians and Vegans who mistakenly believe their meat and dairy free diets will somehow magically (miraculously) provide them with vitamin B12, are every bit as deluded as the Muslim jihadist who believes  blowing up infidels will secure him a place in heaven.


The irreversible damage, which vitamin B12 deficiency causes in the unfortunate children and other victims of this myth, is simply more insidious and devastating  than the abrupt and dramatic dis-integration-by-explosion of the jihadist’s bomb, but is no less deadly, pointless and totally un-necessary.

Ex-Vegan Lierre Keith’s masterly ‘The Vegetarian Myth” is  compelling, intelligent and scholarly read for any Vegetarian or Vegan who still has an open mind on the subject.


Whatever justification is there for Vipassana Meditation courses to provide vegetarian-only food and to recommend that diet?

Like so many others in the 1960 – 70’s, I questioned the life-style I was leading, the belief system I was living under and the diet I had but without having the necessary questions to apply to the alternatives I chose.

I rejected one system of belief, with many of it’s errors,inadequacies and follies exposed, and blindly accepted another one without fully appreciating the holes, blind spots and inconsistencies which riddled it.

“OUT OF THE FRYING PAN AND INTO THE FIRE” pretty well sums it up as I inadvertently swapped one destructive ‘Blind Alley’ for another, in the mistaken (deluded?) belief it was some how a better option – one way or another.

In my case, Vegetarianism was ‘better’ because it meant I was longer involved in the killing of other beings and I religiously (!) pursued a Vegetarian and then Vegan diet for some fourteen years, only ‘changing tracks’ when a visit to a doctor showed I was dangerously low in vitamnin B12.

I changed my diet and eventually began significant supplementation – especially after my research efforts and blood tests indicated  the seriousness of my situation. My ignorance and depth of delusion. were really exposed by Lierre Keith.    There was no where to hide from such clarity.

Her wonderfully well written book (treatise, expose’?) presents her clearly expressed argument which is supported by much irrefutable evidence.

In-as-much as it provided me with a clear and complete examination of the folly of both Vegetarianism and Veganism, it’s one of the three or four most significant and influential books I’ve ever read. (*)

I found that reading it was a truly enlightening experience.

(*)   1.  ‘The Continuum Concept’  Jean Liedloff.

2.  “The Vegetarian Myth”  Lierre Keith.

3.   “Beyond Civilization”    Daniel Quinn.

So you think you know what you’re doing?

The real difficulty in moving (escaping) from being an encultured, (and therefore conditioned) human being, to an authentic and free individual, is that our sense or memory of our pre-encultured state, is so remote and effectively covered up, that any dis-covery of it seems to be unlikely, random, at ‘the whim of the Gods’ or perhaps founded on the seeds implanted in our early experience by the most liberated aspects of our significant others – our parents and other early contacts.

However it comes about, the impulse to explore our world and question ‘what is’ is what encourages us to become fully human and not merely a self-replicating robot/wage slave that seems to otherwise be our fate.

As I see it, the purpose behind engaging in the practice of mindfulness meditation, is to dis-cover the degree to which we are prisoners of the random but highly conditioned (programmed?) thoughts that filter through our minds and influence (direct, control?) our behavior and life.

Learning to focus one’s attention on the ever-fleeting moment, provides one with the freedom to consciously follow thought patterns of one’s own choosing to give your attention to some thought in particular, to think about what you like to think about.   To literally THINK WHAT YOU LIKE, rather be entrapped by some random thought coursing through you mind.

Becoming selective of what you choose to think about, pay your attention to, focus on, is the beginning of your journey to liberation from the tyranny of your (until now)  DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT INTELLECT, dominated as it is by conditioned/pre-programed thought patterns.

Our first great challenge, when we begin the journey toward real freedom of thought, real liberty being and a really authentic life, is to become aware of the extent of this ‘chatter’ in our heads, the so-called ‘internal dialogue’.      Only then, do we have any idea at all, an inkling of the reality of the situation we find ourselves in.

Until that happens, we are, essentially none other than self-replicating robots, living a life determined by the conditioning imposed upon us by others, most of whom have been similarly treated/conditioned/programmed.

Truly, like echoes in a canyon, our lives are too often mere variations on a theme, some cultural norm, un-original, un-imaginative, un-inspired, un-holy and empty of any real meaning.

The question then becomes – ‘What is it that stops a person from engaging in this exploration?”

What could possibly stop a person from escaping the prison of their conditioned mind?

How can someone, come to the realization, that they are in fact imprisoned ?

And what has been so effectively and deeply embedded in their mind that it lurks there as a fundamental block, a fiendish impediment to liberation from their conditioned state and growth toward full humanity?


Fear of the unknown.   Fear of freedom.  Fear of being dis-comforted, disturbed by the unfamiliar, the unusual, the unknown, the uncontrollable.

False Evidence As Reality so often wins the day and the chance to throw off one’s shackles and live life fully, freely and at peace, loses out again.

That’s mad.  So sad.  Too bad.   the awful reality of people’s lives

I note the recent surge in movies and TV programs about Zombies and wonder if this is some kind of underground attempt to present the awful reality of people’s day-to-day lives in metaphor?

As with the (perhaps) more explicit film “The Matrix”, where the few fortunates, who had chosen liberation-from-their-mental-bondage by taking the RED pill are constantly under siege – or threat of attack – by forces aligned to the energy/life-sapping Masters of the great majority, who had taken the BLUE pill.

As Pink Floyd put it – those who had “swapped cold comfort for change”

So many metaphors.  So many examples of ways to describe the escapees.

Authentic.   Outliers.   Outlaws.    Outcasts.   Enlightened.  (more) Fully human.   Liberated.    Seers.   Vanguard.    Visionaries.

It feels to me like a tragedy

When someone, opts to stay blind.

When offered a way, of seeing anew,

They’d rather stay hiding behind,

The lie that they live, cold comfort that gives

Them solace, for losing their mind,

To the fears that control them, from deep in their psyche

Religion’s implant the fear of death.

The beginning of slavery.



Similarly the unwillingness of Vegetarian/Vegans to examine the consequences, to themselves AND their children on who they may impose their belief system, of the irreversible damage done by their ignorance of the consequences of the lack of Vitamin B12 in their meat-free diets.   Mostly, all in the name of another mis-understanding of just where their food comes from, how it’s grown and treated and the many unintended consequences arising from that (almost invariably) mono-cultural process.


What is it brought you to this place?

What are you doing HERE?

What have you come here for?